Lovely prettiness, little girl
Hope sadness has gone by
Like I feel, quest is open again
Put a smile on and embrace
Truth, that is, and was
Not mend to be, you and me

Unbalanced, so I am!
Searching myself, a reason
Can not hold you tight
If I am still running in the night
Hiding for daylight to come
Where I can be seen by all
And I have to hide myself for them
For occurring mirrors everywhere

To make a choice between
Comforts and beauties
Between so many yous
Is risking my own life
Ending up in constant pain
But I cant help it, honesty is not
What suits me, but all I can give

Warmth is what I feel for you
Love is what I am searching for
Hope I will find a perfect you
Or in eternity will be drifting
I have taken the chance
Losing all, you and my heart
I hope I made the right choice
Or forever will be lost